Bidawee Bushcraft Carving Blade

Bidawee Bushcraft Carving Blade

The most important tool to achieve consistent result is a sharp and comfortable carving knife. Like many wood carvers I started using the Mora 120 carving knife and had good results. I don’t think you can beat the Mora 120 to get you carving for not a lot of money down. I might still be carving with that knife if it were not for the fact that I live next door to a part-time knifemaker. He said he would collaborate on a custom design for me and I and very happy with what we have achieved. It took three prototypes before we settled on the followingo

  • 1095 steel for its superior hardening and edge-holding characteristics of the high-carbon blade.  0.125 thickness
  • Just in the sweet spot for blade length, 2.40 inches long
  • Ricasso area allows for sharpening of the full length of the blade unlike a Mora
  • Easy-to-sharpen Scandinavian grind
  • A softened octagonal handle profile is provides easy grip and control over the blade when carving curved sections of wood
  • Fish-shaped handle provides a swell for the palm and little finger that really assists in making power cuts or when working on seasoned and denser woods
  •  Handle  4.85 long, 1.00 thick, 1.10 deep
  • Rock-maple handle for durability and also to keep withe the ethos of using locally available materials

Bidawee Bushcraft sells this knife for $59–a steal in my opinion–and will upgrade or adjust the specs to your suiting. Some upgrades include

  • 01 tool steel for improved stain resistance, a must if you carve in outdoors or in wet environments  (+$10)
  • Decorative spacers to personalize the look and color accent to your knife. (+$4)
  • Your choice of available harwoods including Cocobolo, Kingwood, Birdseye Maple, Olivewood, Zebrawood, and Ebony ($ varies)

Each knife is custom made. A full-grain basic leather sheath is available for an additional $20.

You can email Bidawee or find him on Instagram.

Links to Bidawee’s webpage will be added shortly – he’s working on his site now.