It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog as I have been away on a short vacation to Niagara Falls. It was really nice to get away in the busy time of summer

A short while before I left a friend kindly gave me some Chokecherry wood. This is a small suckering shrub or small tree found across most of America. I had not carved this before and also had not carved green (wet) wood for quite a while. What a pleasure to have your knife glide through green wood. I know why some spoon carvers exclusively use green wood. It’s so much easier on the hands!

The wood though somewhat plain, had a pleasing brown center to add some contrast.


This photo also shows the parent piece of wood I cut the spoon from. It seems to be treated as an invasive, undesirable plant here, as it is a host to the tent caterpillar.

I was happy however to carve a bit of it and will try to get some more for a few spoons. One of the pieces I made was a coffee scoop. In addition to the brown center it had several patches of coloration adding further interest.


Give it a nice curvy handle and it made a very acceptable scoop.


Speaking of the French Roast – I think I am going to make a brew of Joe!

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