So how does one gain experience or “become” experienced? Gary Player – arguably one of the greatest golfers ever – would often say ” the more I practise the luckier I get” I think that this is obviously key to getting better at your craft – you just gotta do it plenty! The skill will improve even though the improvement will be almost imperceptible.


One of the dramatic visuals is ALWAYS keep your first spoon! This picture is of the first spoon I carved. My son keeps asking me to rework it as I have improved my skills a little. Not a chance – I do want to see where I have come from in my carving. There are so many things wrong with this spoon but hey – it may not be a piece of art but it still is functional.

With each piece I carve a little more knowledge is gained. I can carve a little thinner, a bit faster. I have less grain pullouts and importantly as my wife says – I hardly ever cut myself.

I find myself focusing on different aspects like the artistic appeal.


With these scoops the lines of spalting totally dominated the design of the spoon for a more artistic representation.


This very bendy spoon was pushing out the envelope to see if I could make a spoon out of any piece of root, no matter how twisted. I really like this piece.


This pair was carved from a piece of Birch firewood to take advantage of the very striking brown and white.

I often hear – “do something that scares you everyday”. I usually get scared carving really thin. Sometimes though, the outcome is quite pleasing and experience is definitely gained.


One piece in Olive I got so thin I could see light through it – now that was scary!


So keep carving and oh yes – keep that first spoon!



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