More on bloodless carving

One of my next blogs will be more of a Bio on me as suggested by others. This short blog however gives a further link on safe carving – following on from last week. I had some assistance in a slightly longer video showing both my carving techniques for carving towards myself and away from myself. The link for this is at the end of the blog.

One of my important supplies when I started carving was to have a box of plasters nearby! Blood has a nasty habit of ruining a carving that is nearly finished. Thankfully over the last year or two I have hardly ever had to use a plaster.

There are a couple of obvious disciplines you also need to adhere to to assist the actual carving process to also make your hobby or work safer.

  • Have all your knives covered when not in use – even if it is just a cardboard slip cover.
  • Never ever carve without looking and focussing on the blade action. It is easy to get distracted by conversation with a visitor or the TV, a pet or whatever. If something distracts then stop carving until you can give the blade your full attention again.
  • Use sharp tools. Forcing a blunt knife increases the risk of a slip.
  • lighter cuts increase control – the opposite is true!

I leave all my sanding for those times when I do not need to be at full concentration. I have a large stainless bowl that sits on my lap and I can converse, watch TV etc while sanding. Sanding takes at least as long as carving so it it nice to be able to be sociable while pursuing my hobby.

Ok without further ado – here is my YouTube link:


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