Keeping it fresh

Part of my assistance in enjoying my hobby of carving is to be busy with several projects at the same time. This is probably counter-intuitive for most, but it works for me. A glance into my carving bowl will certainly validate this…….


As you can see I have many projects on the go – some are nearing completion, some I have only roughed out. Some have a first few cuts to get the feel of the wood and grain and some are just being planned.

I find this keeps fresh interest for me as if one piece is particularly difficult, then I just move on to another piece for just a while. Sometimes one item will take me weeks to complete but I will admit that as I get to the final stages, then I find it hard to put down. This can get me into plenty of trouble when chores need to be done! We have all been there, right?

One of the other things I like to do is tweak a similar design that pleases me. So I often have several spoons or scoops that are similar, but just a little different.


This couple I am working on at present, although similar they will be quite different on completion, (sounds Irish – “Exactly the same but entirely different!”) The one bowl will be flat and the other heavily scalloped. I have no idea which I prefer but we will see in due course when they are both finished.  Both are in Walnut.


With this pair in Maple, I hope to make the stems very different. One will be horizontally wider and the other vertically, but then transitioning to horizontal.

Lastly I want to draw your attention to my carving bowl. I have a large stainless steel bowl that allows me to carve indoors while being sociable, and retain most of my shavings in the bowl. The bowl has a large lip which allows me to let it sit between my legs and is very comfortable while I carve above it. Keeps the missus company and keeps the house clean!



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