More on Spalted wood

I briefly wrote previously on spalting and Spalted wood and I want to re-visit this as it interests me greatly. As far as I am aware all wood can be found in its spalted form and indeed one can even cause Spalting in wood. I have not tried this myself but there are articles online to describe this.


This is a piece of Spalted Pine and in its raw state just shows very distinct and defined lines of spalting. However within these lines separate and again well defines areas have completely different coloration. This will be revealed in a finished carving.


This was carved from the block shown. If you look closely the bowl of the spoon is a different color to the other “sectors”.

Is the wood compromised in any way? This piece fortunately is all still very hard and well structured. If spalting is allowed to continue then the wood will become soft and eventually completely rotted away. The key obviously is to use the wood well before that and once dry the spalting organisms die and the wood retains its structure and integrity.

Spalting can be limited to only one area and can provide a stunning contrast to a piece.


This is a piece of Oak where the spalting is largely just near the outside of the wood.


This was carved from that branch and illustrates just how dramatic an effect the spalting can add.


This piece of heavily spalted Birch appears rotten to the casual observer.


And here are the resultant carvings from that seemingly rotten piece of Birch.


You never know what treasures are hidden until you start to carve!

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