Take Better Photos with a Lightbox

While I am certainly not a professional photographer there are a few tricks to help me achieve a better quality photo. For quite a few photos I use a home hacked light-box which certainly helps in removing unwanted shadows or shine on my spoons. This light-box is simply constructed from an old aquarium, some transparent plastic–from a trash bag–and a large piece of white paper.


As you can see I have just covered all sides with white plastic, trying to make it wrinkle free. So this diffuses the light and prevents the shine so often seen on objects when photographed without a diffuser or filter.


Then a piece of stiff white paper is loosely placed from the top back to the bottom back and then to the front creating a “invisible” curve. This gives the optical illusion of infinity. Being white it helps reflect light.

Sufficient light is achieved by putting the lightbox outdoors in full sunlight or by shining lights from all angles through the plastic – simple.


Lastly you can add a piece of fabric for background texture and then photograph your “masterpiece”!2016-03-08_142019612_E5952_iOS

Without some fabric texture the object appears to float – also very effective.

I hope this cheap hack helps with your photos.

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